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Marc Investment Castings

Way No.7, sarurpur Indl Area, Sohna Road , Ballabhgarh, Faridabad,Haryana (India)



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Engg Dept: CAD facility for developement of 3D modelling from drawing.

Tool Room: In house facility for making precision Dies and tooling with multiple cavities.

Wax Pattern Shop: Pattern shop with wax melting and preparation facility and Hydraulic wax injection process.

Shell Room: Temperature & humidity control Shell room with equipment for building strong shells using colloidal silica ethyl silica slurry system, shell furnace for wax de-waxing pot.

Melting Shop: High frequency induction melting furnace of 100 kg and 50 kg crucibles.

HSD fired shell baking furnace.

Fettling Shop: Pneumatic pencil grinders, belt grinders, pedestal grinders with facilities for abrasive cuttings, tig welding, Plasma cutting machines, shot blasting & sand blasting machines knocking machines compresses of various capacities etc.


A: Design Flexibility:

Investment castings produce near net shape configurations offering designers and engineers freedom to design in a wide rang of alloys.

B Cost reduction::

Investment castings offers a combination of features which can translate to cost saving benefits for you.he piece price for investment casting is not always the lowest but the saving is reduced machining, material cost and tooling startup costs make the lost wax process very competitive when you consider overall cost.

C Weight reduction:

Investment castings process can eliminate unnecessary mate and weight from non functional areas of the part and by offering near net shape configuration, fix turing cost are substantially reduced or eliminated.

D Close tolerance:

Investment castings promises tight linear tolerances of an average +/- 0.15 mm/Inch with even more exact tolerances depending upon the part size and complexity.

E Wide choice of alloys:

Even alloys that cannot be cast by other methods or which are difficult to machine can be casted by investment casting process.MOre than 100 ferrous and nonferrous alloys are routinely cast.

F Application:

Investment casting have a wide application in automobile ,defense , valves & pumps,Turbines dairy machines parts and general engineering etc.